Valley Forge Music Fair Nostalgia - coming soon!

Coming Soon!

Valley Forge Music Fair was started in Devon, PA, in 1955 by Frank Ford and Shelly Gross as a tent, and in 1973 was converted to a permanent structure. At some point, Frank Ford left the operation and Lee Guber came on as a partner. The last show was in 1996 and the structure was torn down in 1997 to make way for yet another shopping center. It's hard to believe it's been gone for twelve years already.

I had the fortune of working there from 1979 until it closed in 1996, and I have some wonderful memories of my time there. My hope is to turn this site into a tribute to the Music Fair, with history, pictures, interviews, etc.

In the near future I will set up a mailbox for submission of materials, and start fleshing out the site in earnest. Ford, Guber, and Gross had many other theatrical properties, and I will try to touch on them as well, time and space permitting. At this point I have very few materials, but I'm certain they must exist out there in droves.

So keep an eye on this website! More information will appear shortly - please get the word out.

- Bob Shuster